My Dream Engagement Ring

I got engaged in May and have since been working with my fiance to create a 1920's vintage-inspired dream ring. I went with my mom trying on tons of different styles and I fell in love with the Edwardian dome shape. I wanted one that would make my diamond appear larger, have a feminine shape, and knew I did not want a traditional halo. The actual vintage rings I found in stores were either too busy, too masculine, and/or had a European cut diamond--none of which I wanted. So then I thought, hey! I'm a jewelry designer...DUH!

Finally after 3 months, my dream ring has come into being and it is more than I could have ever imagined! I picked platinum because I love the weight of it. The round brilliant diamond is so sparkly and looks much larger in the setting (mission accomplished). I am dazzled every time I look at it!

I've had a few people inquire about the design and the answer is yes, I can reproduce the ring! Contact me at if you want this gem on your finger!

photo 1 (1).JPG

That's a wrap!

The Westland photo shoot turned out AMAZING. I am SO happy with the result, thanks to the amazing team that made it happen. Here are some behind the scenes shots! You can see the full look book here.

photo 1.JPG


Model: Katie Castellaw

Stylist: Jacey Stamler

Videographer: Barbara Szabo (behind the scenes video coming soon!)

Makeup: Katelin Gan

Photographer: Ben Taylor


True that.

A quote by Jenifer Altman, author of Instant Love.
“Jewelry is personal. Some, such as myself, could argue that it could indeed be the most personal thing you place on your body. It is not simply metal and stone that we adorn ourselves. It is thousands of years of craftsmanship; it is metal from the depths of our Earth and minerals that have endured millions of years of trial by water and fire to become what they are today. The practice of wearing jewelry, originally for protection then for currency and finally for decoration, is as nearly as ancient as humanity itself. And I use the word practice purposefully, for truly wearing jewelry is a practice more so than an act. We imbue our jewels in our own energies, our desires and even our individual histories; each piece becoming a Talisman – charged with our personal magic."


Hi! I'm Melissa, creator/designer behind Westland Jewelry. All my pieces are carefully sculpted in wax by hand in my Los Angeles home studio and then cast into bronze or sterling silver using the lost wax technique. I love the imperfections and variations that occur in my finished pieces giving them a truly unique and personal quality.

When I first discovered wax sculpting and carving as an art form, I felt like the stars had aligned; like I was in the right place at the right time. Working with wax felt so intuitive. Once I got the basics, the possibilities were endless. It took hours and hours of practice, with many trials and many failures, but each mistake teaches me a lesson. Practice and repetition brought me to proficiency, but I am still discovering and learning as I go.

I hope you enjoy my wearable works of art.

xx Melissa